Be sure to adequately explain the purpose of a concept analysis. Describe the relevance of the concept to your DNP Scholarly Project(Improving Disposition Decision Making in Adolescents with Substance Abuse Issues: A Quality Improvement Project). Also, inform the reader of your personal connection to this concept. Be explicit about the aims of the analysis and its correlation with your project/educational goals and learning.

Selection of concept: Does the student adequately explain the relevance of the concept to his/her DNP Scholarly Project? Does the student explain the personal connection to the concept?

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Aim(s) of the Concept Analysis: Do the aims of the analysis correlate well with the student’s DNP project/educational goals?

Start uses of the concept with the origin of the word or etymology, then go on with dictionary definitions, and provide parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms etc. Then go on with ways the concept is used in health care and in other disciplines; for instance medicine, nursing, law, political science, anthropology, social science, economics, theology to name a few.

Has the student had described the etymology of the word and provided all dictionary uses and parts of speech, synonyms and antonyms?

Has the student identified uses of the concept outside of the traditional medicine/nursing perspective?

This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome
Are the critical attributes identified, logically defended and summarized at the end on the discussion?

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