The Economics of Households


  1. This question is based on an article ‘LS – an application’


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The Economics of Households
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  1. What are the two problems in measuring wage rates?


  1. The results from the diary-derived data on time use show men and women differ in their response to an increase in wage. Demonstrate the results graphically, one graph for one result.



  1. This question is based on a paper ‘A century of leisure and work’ by Ramey.


The questions are meant to guide you to think about the central point(s) of the articles (or chapters) and to evaluate the methods, theory, and empirical investigation in each of them. You can add further details about the paper and the subject matter if it is relevant to a critical analysis of the article or chapter.


  1. What are the objectives of the paper?


  1. Briefly describe the authors finding.


  1. Offer some explanations to the finding by the authors. It could be materials that we went through in class. A minimum two to three explanations.




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