The Long-Term Effects on Children Raised by Parents

Formatting (throughout paper)

One inch margin from all sides

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The Long-Term Effects on Children Raised by Parents
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ü Half inch margin from the top of the page to running head
ü Double Spaced
ü Correct font and size
ü Numbers
ü Correct running head will have:
o Page number
o Title in all upper case and 50 characters

Title Page

ü Title 10 to 12 words and centered, bold
ü Author first name, middle name initial and last name
ü Center the author name
ü Affiliation
I would like you to come up with a proper title for your paper. Keep in mind what you have learned from the APA manual on how to write a proper title. The first page of this assignment should be a completed Title Page, in APA format.
Also, I would like you to find four articles that are relevant to your topic. Provide the following for each article:

1. APA Citation

2. Summarization in your own words (not just the abstract)

3. Explanation of how this article can be used in your introduction section. Why did you pick this article?


ü Correct Heading: Abstract – Centered, Bold
ü Block paragraph and on separate page
ü Not exceed 250 words
ü Content


ü Correct heading: Title – Centered, Bold
ü Paragraph format
ü Correct format of in-text citations
ü Content outlined according to APA
ü Grammar
ü Overall Content
at least 3 to 4 pages of information describing your topic, your variables, purpose and significance of your study, a review of previous studies relating to your topic and your hypotheses.

You all should watch grammar and spelling and use in-text citations (also known as parenthetical references).

Consult the APA manual on formatting issues and the proper outline for your content.

At the end also include your reference section, see the APA manual, notes, and auxiliary websites for formatting.

Note: This section makes up the bulk of your research paper so put some effort into this assignment.


ü Continue after Introduction if space permitted
ü Correct heading: Method – Centered, Bold
ü Correct subheadings: Participants: Left-justified – Bold, Materials or Apparatus: Left-justified – Bold, Procedure: Left-justified – Bold
ü Description of participants
ü Description of Material
ü Correct citation
ü Under procedure summarize each step in the execution of research
ü Contents in paragraph format
his section should be a page and a half to two pages. You can also submit a revised copy of your introduction section if you want feedback on your revisions.
For the Method section, you need to include the proper subsections – see APA manual. Also, because this is a research proposal, you will be writing this in future verb tense because this is what you are proposing to do in the future. Remember you are coming up with the design to test your hypothesis so you need to be specific detailing information about the participants, materials needed, and the procedure that will happen.

For the materials section, it is not acceptable to just say you will create a survey. Look on the library online database called “the Mental Measurement Yearbook” to see if there are survey instruments that have already been created and validated that you could use to measure your variables. Describe the survey, and the scales etc. If you propose to create your own survey, I need examples of questions


ü Correct heading: References – Centered, Bold
ü On separate page
ü Alphabetically order
ü Hanging indent
ü Author’s name in correct format
ü Year in correct format
ü Article name in correct format
ü Journal name in correct format
ü Volume number and page number in correct format
ü Book title in correct format & Publisher name in correct format
ü At least 4 credible sources
ü At least half are journal articles

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