The Metamorphasis

Write based off the abstract below

Prompt: Analyze the way(s) Gregor’s experience of alienation (in its various forms) informs the meaning of the novella as a whole. Thesis: Gregor’s experience of alienation changes throughout the story. Initially, he struggled with self alienation which caused him to turn into a cockroach. After his transformation he struggles with external alienation. His situation allows him to dwell on the fact that the people who he had given up his livelihood for were treating him like he was a menace Annotated Bibliography Sokel, W.. “From Marx to Myth: The Structure and Function of Self-Alienation in Kafka’s Metaphorphosis.” (1983). Sokel expresses how Gregor Samsa’s self alienation turn him into the creature he is. It is stated that in order to be truly human there has to some kind of self- determination rooted in ones life. Even if one does not enjoy their job, there has to be a sense of fulfillment in their job. Sokel points ou that Gregor’s life and actions are based on external needs. With no friends, no relationship and a job he hates, he has no outlet for his desire. Quindadiarto, Febri. “Identity Crisis and Alienation in The Metamorphosis: Existential Approach.” (2020) Quindadiarto explains how Jean Paul Sartre’s theory of existentialism is depicted in the Gregor Samsa. The purpose of the study is to reveal how society influenced Gregor to experience identity crisis and the relation between identity crisis and alienation depicted in The Metamorphosis. Society contribute to how individual looks his identity and contribute how individual picks his own choices even if they are a free being. In case, alienation is happened when Gregor is ignore and feeling ashamed of his choices.

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The Metamorphasis
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