The Trials of Socrates

Please read the following sections of the Trials of Socrates
1. Apology

2. Crito
3. Death Scene

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The Trials of Socrates
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Then, answer the following questions as thoroughly as you can. Support your arguments from the text, citing your quotes properly.
1. Is Socrates’ primary aim to defend himself or to continue to examine the citizens of Athens?
2. Why doesn’t Socrates answer Meletus’ charge by stating his religious beliefs directly?
3. Is Socrates humble or proud?
4. If human nature is a thing of little worth, why does Socrates insist that his duty is questioning others?
5. Why is it a point of honor with Socrates that he was never compensated for his teaching?
6. Does Socrates oppose the principle of majority rule?
7. Who does Socrates believe is capable of educating the young?
8. Does Socrates think that injustice can be fought only by the private citizen who stays out of politics?

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