Unit 12 Discussion: Art as a Form of Social Protest

Revolution occurs on a grand scale during the first half of the 18th C. Far-reaching military, political and social change occurs at this time. The net effect of these revolutions is a complete upheaval of the order of society and the role/responsibilities of the individual within it. Yes, it is extremely bloody at times; but ultimately, these revolutions promote change – the modern world is born.

I want you to discuss two recent works of art from your textbook “”Gardner’s Art Through The Ages” Volume 2, 14th or 15th Edition” that attempt to create social change. They can be from different time periods, although most likely they will come from this chapter (or chapters pertaining to more recent times, such as modern art.)

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Unit 12 Discussion: Art as a Form of Social Protest
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The 2 works you choose should be contrasting in at least one of the following ways: style, nature of the protest involved, or success of the work in achieving its goals.

Link to the works you choose and/or embed images in your post
Discuss why they work (or don’t)
Analyze the kind of change the work seeks to produce
Use the compare.contrast method
Original threads must be a minimum of 300 words

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