Using Matlab to do the empirical analysis

Empirical Part (August 28,2020)


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Using Matlab to do the empirical analysis
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Instruction about empirical analysis part from my tutor (important):

“Your project is different. Doing what you do you will be able to compute what is the correct value of sigma without having to increase sigma and repeating the computation of efficiency scores.


That is the purpose of your project, so that this repeated calculation is not needed. However, the numbers found in that book chapter can give you an indication that the numbers you compute are correct.


You are describing a general method to compute the amount of uncertainty needed for an inefficient DMU to become efficient in your dissertation. This has nothing in particular to do with radiotherapy. You only need say one page to write about the application of DEA in radiotherapy. ”


  1. Outline of Part 3
  • Start with case description.( Since we’ve done this part, ignore it)
  • Describe the linear programming function of classical DEA model. After we have the result of efficiency score. Then we will be able to identify which of them are efficient and which are inefficient. For efficient DMUs will be further utilized in create efficient hyperplane by MATLAB. (pls refer to paperwork named JCMDA(zipped the file uploaded on August 26) ). Then pls explain a little bit on how can we have the hyperplane. (or you can describe the derivation between 1.2-1.3. then cite this part).
  • After having the equation of each hyperplane, we will have a plot. Pls combine the dataset in the format of 3D scatter plot and efficient hyperplane as a 3D graph. And, distinguish the efficient DMU and inefficient DMU in different color.
  • Then describe how the efficient hyperplane moves under box-shape uncertainty (move to more inputs and less outputs) and the way of inefficient DMU moves (move to less inputs and more outputs). Once the corner point of inefficient DMU meets the plane, the optimal sigma will be found. Also, pls draw a picture to explain the whole process like this:

(5) Summarize all result in a table which should include DMU no., inputs, outputs, efficiency score, and sigma. In the end, make a conclusion in comments how uncertainty amount will affect DMU turning it from inefficient to efficient state.


  1. After explained the application of DEA in radiotherapy, then we conduct the calculation in MATLAB to compute the amount of uncertainty needed to make an inefficient DMU to become efficient. Here you can refer to page 18 to 23 of this article “ChapterPrestonRevision.pdf” zipped in “”.


  1. Please find this “boxplot.xlsx” document in zip file I uploaded on August 26. As you can see in this excel sheet, D_99^PV1 is the output data (only one output) and D_50^Rectum and D_50^Bladder are the two inputs. So please use this dataset to process empirical study in MATLAB.



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