Week 1 Discussions

Unit 1 DB: Training and Development Roles and Responsibilities (HRM308)

Congratulations on your new position, Director of Corporate Training!  This is such an exciting time for you to put your training and development knowledge to work and hit the ground running.  You have just received an email from your boss with the details of your first project:

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Week 1 Discussions
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Good morning! 

We are thrilled to have you take the lead of our corporate training program.  The first project is to create a standardized training program that you will present to your new staff as a PowerPoint presentation.  Essentially, I need you to train the Trainers.  There is more information about what is required below.  I will need this project completed in 7 weeks.  Please complete the Notes section of each slide in PowerPoint with a robust and meaningful narrative and remember to use relevant sources of information to support your training program design.


Unit 7 Project:  Train-the-Trainer Program Requirements (ATTACHED)

After reviewing the Project Guidelines, you decide that the best place to begin is by researching O*NET to establish the occupational definition of your program’s Trainer role.  This will jump start your progress on the required Competency Model.  While in O*NET, research Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities (KSA’s) of training professionals.  Share the top three (3) KSA’s that you think are most essential for success as a training professional in your program and discuss why you chose them.

Unit 1.1 DB: Our Federal Court System and the Five Rulemaking Steps (HRM341)

After reading the material on our Federal Court system and the five rulemaking steps to establish a new rule, describe this process as it relates to your experiences in the workplace.

Unit 1.2 DB: The Sherman Act and the Chevron Framework (HRM341)

Consider the Sherman Act and the Chevron Framework.

  • How do the two play out in terms of employment law?
  • What positive impact has resulted?  Provide research, facts, and examples to back up your views.

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