What are black holes

Read the sections of your textbook that pertain to black holes. You can do a quick look through the table of contents of the textbook to find these section. You will need to spend at least 2 hours researching black holes and taking notes using internet resources or books or magazine articles. Googling “what is a black hole?” will get you some good leads. Among the things I thought looked pretty good are: Ted Bunn’s black hole FAQ, the YouTube video titled “Travel inside a black hole,” and the HubbleSite on black holes. Your essay should have two parts, “Facts” and “Reactions.” “Facts” should address the questions: What is a black hole? How do black holes form? Why do astronomers think that black holes exist? “Reactions” should address the questions: Of the things that you learned about black holes in your research, what surprised you the most and why? In the culture at large, why have black holes become objects of popular fascination and powerful cultural metaphors?

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What are black holes
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