What is STEM programme?

What is STEM Education?

STEM is an integrated curriculum that deals with educating students in four specific disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Instead of concentrating and treating all four separately, herein, they are presented cohesively. Through STEM, students are offered real-time applications and learning experiences that will help in molding them for a better future, that is scientifically driven.

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What is STEM programme?
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Introducing STEM at an early age

Children are often introduced to reading and sports at a young age. The pretext of this is to instill in them the curiosity and stimulate their interest. This with time gets seeped into their system and they form an interest in exploring it further.

The same technique fits well for adults too. When we look back on our educational interests it holds a deeper connection to areas, we excelled or skilled ourselves during our childhood. Thus, introducing kids to STEM during their early years of learning can eventually go on to help generate further curiosity and even ability. It will also assist in sharpening their scientific disciplines too.

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