write a paper on the experiment.

This assignment calls for a research paper to be written on the experiment this class, and others, performed and the data that was generated. This paper will be your original research and as such I encourage utmost creativity as regards analysis, interpretation, and the structure of your papers. What follows are my suggestions on what topics and concepts should be included in your papers. However, whether you expand beyond these suggestions or adopt a more targeted, narrow focus is entirely your choice.

As usual you should have an Introduction and Conclusion. Beyond that I recommend sections on 1) points of interest—a listing and explanation of the points of interest that you feel are important TO THIS EXPERIMENT AND PAPER and why they are important (link specifically to the topic) (citations required since you will be relying on others’ contributions to knowledge); 2) a brief description of the data—where did it come from (i.e., the key elements of the TWO scenarios and subsequent data generation); 3) analysis of the data—your methods and research results (REMEMBER THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT DATA SETS WITH DIFFERENT SCENARIOS); 4) interpretation of the results concerning the presence, or not, of the points of interest (some do not derive from data analysis but are obviously present regardless and don’t need to be linked to the data); 5) having identified the relevant points of interest, either from analysis or the content of the scenario, discuss how to mitigate those that have negative impacts; and 6) put yourself in the shoes of a consultant to the homeowners (the focus of the experiment) and/or the government and advise on how to conduct (government) or respond to (homeowners) eminent domain exercises in the future, based on your research findings.

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write a paper on the experiment.
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I grade on quality not quantity. A suggested range for a well-done paper is ±10 pages.

Note that all of the suggested sections except section 1) are your original thoughts! No citation is needed. However, for a Points-of-Interest section, or anything else involving outside research, citation rules are in effect. If you didn’t invent it, you must cite—in-text and in the references list. Avoid relying on direct quotes. Do not use any “pedia.” Please use good writing structure–title, subheadings, proper use of paragraphs, etc. At this point in the course it is expected.

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