Write a report on a site (Hadar, Ethiopia)

Your site report must include/address:

An introduction to the site.
Where the site it located.
What the history of the discovery and study of the site (who found it? when? under what circumstances? Any mention of support staff/field assistants?). What is the environment of the site like now?
How old is the site? Upon what basis has the site been dated? Are there debates about the site’s date, or is the age well established?
An introduction to the hominins found there.
What fossil hominins are known from the site and what material is preserved from them.
What role do the hominin fossils from this site play in our general understanding of human evolution?
What was the site like ecologically when the hominins were living there?
Was it open or closed (i.e., forested), and how do we know?
Are the hominins found there adapted to that particular environment
What other animals were there?
Are there any special taphonomic factors that influence our interpretation of the fossils from the site?

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Write a report on a site (Hadar, Ethiopia)
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SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Your report must be double-spaced, Times New Roman font, and have 1″ margins. It must fall within 6-10 pages including all tables, figures, and references but not including the cover page. 5% of the grade will be deducted for each page or part thereof over or under the acceptable limit (e.g., a paper of 5 ½ pages or 10 ½ pages will be assessed a 5% penalty).

You must also use at least 4 peer reviewed sources (legitimate journal articles)!!!

Below is the rubric that you MUST follow:

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