Write a short review about the source you choose.

Follow the below steps to complete this assignment:

1) Find a “popular” article/ video/ pod-cast/ some other media source on Covid-19 and mental health. This should be from a source that is not specifically scientifically backed (e.g., yahoo news, youtube, etc) and not from a source such as the World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control, or even something like the Mayo Clinic. Include a link to your source.

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Write a short review about the source you choose.
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2) Read the source you have chosen using the knowledge you’ve received in this course and other psychology courses. Keep an eye towards some healthy skepticism. Create a list (can be bulleted or paragraph) of things the article did well ,as well as areas it could be improved or made you feel skeptical (at least two of each).

3) Turn to the research. Find a newly published peer-reviewed article on Covid-19 and mental health. The article that you find should be related to the media source that you chose (e.g., if you looked at COVID19 on sleep, the article should also address COVID19 and sleep). It is even possible that the news article that you chose includes a link to the peer-reviewed article they are talking about. These do not have to be studies, but can be review papers. This does not include news articles posted by the CDC or WHO. Create a 1 paragraph summary of the article that you read, along with the APA citation for the article.

4) Write a 1-2 paragraph letter to the creator of the media source. In this letter praise the media source for what they did well and also compare the media source to the peer-review article. Be sure to include ways that the ways that the media source could be, in your opinion, more accurate with the use of the peer-review article you found. Lastly, in your letter, suggest a future topic/piece that the media creator could investigate and provide material on based off of questions you felt were unanswered by their source but were answered in either the peer-review article you chose, or another one.

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