The mother and the daughter arrived home and started another conversation in their kitchen. The daughter tried to explain to her mother why it was a good idea of being a DINK. However, she failed to persuade her mother because she failed to stand against the conventions and values prevalent in China. They got stuck in tensions due to the different perspectives about marriage.

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In this assignment, you are writing a comprehensive synopsis of this situational short story. You are writing one or two paragraphs. You must include the following information in your synopsis but please do so not answer these questions in bullet points. Please make sure the information is revealed as part of the flow of your writing that tells the story.

– Character backgrounds

– Where the situations are taking place

– Key dialogue lines

– How it ends

Please be conscious that this short film can be made by utilizing up to two locations. It should have two main characters with conflicting views on some issue. You may add more characters but they cannot play important roles. In the end, a divisive disagreement under pressure and the heated dialogue are what I would like you to focus for this short film.

there is an other people’s assignment can be an example how this assignment should be like

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