Writing response

Specifically, please read through the PDF above which lists a variety of circumstances coaches as well as administrators should consider before, during, and after an academic/athletic planning session.

1) In your reflection, please list your top 3 items/considerations from the perspective of the coach, and your top 3 items/considerations from your perspective as an athletic administrator. Write at least a sentence as to why you value each of the sic (6) points that you identify as your top selections.

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Writing response
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2) When you (or anyone) changes their proverbial hat from a coach to an administrative and/or vice versa do you value/emphasize different planning components or is your vision aligned as a coach and an admin.

3) As a coach, how you you personally respond to negative press that a) attacks your coaching decision making, b) attacks your players lack of skills, and c) attacks either you or your players on a personal level. Please address each of these scenarios.

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