Are computer programs an effective treatment for auditory processing disorders

This literature review has two parts.
Part one is a 2-page outline, and part two is a 7-page literature review (the abstarct in 150-200 words, then a 6 page review).

Literature review outline:
Purpose: To establish an organized structure of your literature review.

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Are computer programs an effective treatment for auditory processing disorders
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An outline of your literature review sketches a roadmap of your final paper. The structure of the outline allows you to chart where and how you will make and support your main topics/points of your paper.

When preparing your outline, you want to avoid making your outline overly vague (i.e. by not writing enough) or overly specific (i.e. by writing too much). The purpose of constructing an outline is to establish a written and logical plan for your paper. The outline should be a full-sentence preparation outline, with headings to transition the movement from main points and subpoints. The outline is a tool that is very useful for organization of your thoughts, ideas, and keeping your sources all together as you move from your various topic/points. Also, it is a great way to see if your paper flows and makes logical sense before you start your paper. In essence, the more work & effort you spend on developing a strong outline will pay off with by having a well-written final literature review paper.


Your topic outline will consist of a thesis statement which states the topic & purpose of the paper.

Include topics and subheadings for the paper.

A minimum six (6) references

A minimum of 5 sections


Criteria and ratings

1. thesis statement: the outline consists of a clear thesis statement which summarizes research topic

2. outline organization: outline has clear and complete topic sentences and subheadings. Clear headings for each paragraph. Details below subheadings relate to paragraph topic.

3. reference page reference page lists resources in standard APA foramt. the list reflects 5 or moree sources of information that are considered scholarly resources. sources are credible, current, reliable, and valid.

4. Grammar/Proofreading: No typos or mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, or capatilization. APA format

Literature Review- the abstract is the first page and is 150-200 words
then comes the next 6 pages which are the actual literature review
Purpose: To identify and critically evaluate the scientific literature, to synthesize information, and use it in writing a graduate level research paper. Conduct a comprehensive search of the professional literature using the strategies discussed and assigned readings.

The culminating assignment for the class is a literature review paper. A literature review discusses published material and information in a particular subject area. A literature review is used to analyze critically, a segment of a published body of research through summary, classification, and comparison of prior research studies, reviews of literature, and theoretical articles. You will select a topic of interest relating to the field of Communication Science Disorder and/or Speech and Language Pathology and write a research paper synthesizing the previous research conducted on your topic. Summarize the information and synthesize it into a paper that is well organized and well written. Your paper should include the following (see Final Research Paper assignment in Canvas for more details about the paper)


• A minimum of 8 references in your paper. These must be from refereed professional journals.

o Textbooks and other secondary sources may be referenced, but do not count toward the 8 required primary source references. References should be current.

One of the 8 articles should be a systematic review or meta-analysis.

5 of the articles must be original research.

o Original research articles include a research question, review of the literature, participants and methodology, and results.

• A discussion of ALL of the research studies is required.
o Try to use studies that have been published within the last 5-8 years

Criteria and ratings:

abstract: abstract is proper length, highly informative, complete and easy to understand. appropriate vocabualry is used. abstract makes uou want to read the paper

points: points are represented and clearly stated: identifies a relevant research tipic and a thesis that provides direction for the paper taht is engaging and thought provoking. The thesis clearly and concisely states the postiiton, premise, or hypothesis and is consisteently the focal point throughout the paper.

conclusions: logical conclusions are drawn: logical conclusions are drawn from the research presented. captures thee focus of the research paper

transition: smooth transition between paragraphs: paragraphs are well-organized in a logical sequence. Transition phrases are used between paragraphs and topic changes

Positions: positions are well developed and supported by data-based research: demonstrates a sophisticateed understanding and careful, critical analysis of the research topic and thesis. compares/contrasts perspectives consider counter arfuments or opposing positions, and draws original and thoughtful conclusions with future implications

sentence: sentence construction: sentences are well-phrased and varied in length and structure. They flow smoothly from one to another

Grammar, spelling, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, pronoun use: no errors in spelling, sentence structure, etc. Proper use of subject-verb agreement consistent throughout paper. No usee of personal pronouns or informal language. The writing is free of errors

APA foramt: paper is well written and strong writing sytle and clear using APA guidlines

Quotation: Balances proper use of quotation and paraphrasing, weaving quotes effectively throughout the paper

citations: cites all data obtained from other sources. APA citation style is used in both text and bibliography

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