Bell v. Maryland

Please following directions carefully and use info provided and more

Read Bell v. Maryland on Page 769 (3rd edition) or 849 (2nd edition) of the textbook.

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Bell v. Maryland
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Answer the following in essay format. 2-4 pages


Did the Justices in the majority decision in this case allow “morals” to play a role in their decision making process? Why or why not? Support your position with examples from the case.
From the dissents—which Justices emphasized “morals” and why?
Who would Dworkin and Hart agree with—why do you think he would he agree with them instead of the other Justices? Explain each writer’s positions in relation to the case.

Remember to answer all of the questions above for full credit!

You should be using the Dworkin and Hart readings to work on this. You should use quotes from the text (the case and the readings on Dworkin and Hart) but remember to explain why you think that quote is relevant—in other words don’t just give me a quote from something I have already read to answer the question.


Please type the answers as an essay—not numbered. You should hand in 2 full pages—minimum.

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