Company Overview Biopure Corporation

Company Overview

Biopure Corporation is a privately held biopharmaceutical specialized in blood substitutes for both veterinary and human markets. Oxyglobin was developed to substitute blood vessels for animals. This product derived when Hemopure was being developed which is the blood substitute for humans. Both products were under the United States governments’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA) review. Oxyglobin was approved and is ready for consumer use but Hemopure will take two more years to launch due to the stricter regulation the FDA requires for human consumption. Vice president for Human Clinical Trials, Ted Jacobs wants to hold the Oxyglobinrelease to the market because of fear to jeopardize Hemopure’s potential market and price introduction. On the other hand, vice president for Veterinary Products, Andy Write, believes the benefits of launching Oxyglobinoutweighs its risks such us generating potential revenues for the use of continue developing investment of Hemopure, learning how to market and make mistakes prior to the launch of Hemopure. CEO, Carl Rausch, mustmake a decisionif the release of Oxyglobin will be beneficial for the company without jeopardizing Hempure’s market potential.  the dilemma faced by Biopure is, ‘When to launch Oxyglobin?’.approved for commercialization

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Company Overview Biopure Corporation
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Based on SWOT analysis, market revenue potential and ____ It is recommended that Biopure proceed with Oxyglobin’slaunch. The future of Hemopure is uncertainwhich is why we need to take advantage of the market right away. There is no competition in the blood substitution animal market, therefore having a price point of $100 it is not going to affect the veterinaries’ point of view as there will be nothing to compare it toas long as the product satisfies the needs and wants of the veterinaries who are already dissatisfied with the alternative products in the current market. If launched now it can build up market recognition in the blood substation market and as suggested by Ted learn from its mistakes before launching Hemopure. Moreover, bringing up the expected revenue can contribute with Hemopure’s needed investment and launch. Another strength is that the potential market is ___. Both products target all animals all blood groups. Main weakness is

















Exibit 1. SWOT Analysis


  • Market advantage by being the first approved blood substitute
  • Both products are universal, all animals and all blood groups
  • Longer shelf life compared to competitors
  • Blood can be taken from cow vessels.












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