CS small report


You’ve received a promotion at DeepBlue Ocean Informatics. As part of Janvi’s development team, you helped resolve DOI’s fish detection model. Janvi was promoted to head of operations and gave you responsibilities for special projects in her department.

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CS small report
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Business is booming. DOI is hiring more people, gaining new customers, and being asked for more help from existing customers. The company has changed from a one-city startup to 328 people working in 11 countries. Almost all employees work from their homes. New hires are joining the company at the rate of 10-20 a month. Since the global pandemic, video conferencing has gone from “nice to have” to “must have,” and with such rapid growth, each department has been using the video conferencing tool of their choice.

Janvi wants to standardize DOI’s video conferencing to a single platform. She believes the company will be able to better track new features, ease connectivity between employees, increase customer satisfaction, and deliver more comprehensive training during on-boarding. She knows you have been researching video conference tools. She regards you as a trusted go-to person.

She wants you to recommend the best platform for DOI’s needs.


Prepare the first draft of a report that recommends a single videoconferencing tool for the company.(Next pages include 2 tools Zoom and MS Teams, pick one of them)

  • Include internal and external factors that influence the choice.
  • Interpret the facts you gathered in Written 2(Next page) to arrive at conclusions based on the DOI’s needs.
  • Justify your recommendation based on the facts contained in your report.

Use full paragraph. Use a 12-point Times New Romanfor the body text. Make paragraphs single-spaced. Choose headings and layouts based on CRAP principles applied to documents.


  • SUMMARY half page
    • A condensed version of the full report
    • Gives a complete understanding of the elements without further reading
  • BACKGROUND/CONTEXT around 1 page
    • Reason, scope, internal and external factors that might influence the decision
    • Helps the reader consider more than the specific tools under review
  • DETAILS –already provided next page.Only choose one of given two tools
    • You can add little bit more detail inthis part, but DO NOT copy below part
    • Please based on given part, but please carefully read below part
  • CONCLUSIONS –around 1.5 pages
    • Interpretations of the facts presented and offers original insights
    • Justifies the recommendation for a single tool to be selected




DETAILS –in below, already provided


Zoom is a software platform that provides the videotelephony service, and used for conference calls, remote commuting, and online educational teaching [1]. The platform is including Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and IOS.


Figure 1: The home page of zoom desktop client


As show in Figure 1, there are four main features in the left side of home page which are [2]:

  1. New Meeting used for creating and starting a meeting, and user’s personal meeting ID is under the New Meeting feature
  2. Join used for joining a meeting
  3. Schedule used for scheduling a meeting
  4. Share Screen used for sharing your screen to others

For the right side of the homepage, user can check the specific upcoming meeting details on the label. There displays the name of that meeting, the start time of the meeting, the duration of the meeting, and user can find the Meeting ID and the host of meeting up there. By explore more features, user can click on label to start a meeting or join the meeting.

To more specific, when users want to start a meeting, here are some steps:

  1. Scheduling a meeting, set the start time, the duration time for meeting, and user will have the meeting ID for this meeting (can be skipped)
  2. The host can start the meeting, other participants can join this meeting by the meeting ID
  3. Host can share their screen, turn on/off the camera, chat with participants, and recorded the meeting during the meeting
  4. The participants can turn on/off the voice and video, and they can chat in the meeting


2.Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a business communicate platform, and it provide an environment that allows all member join into a team [3]. It provides the video conferencing, file storage, and real-time collaborate serveries [3].

Figure 2: The Microsoft Teams desktop mode user interface

Source: [4]

The figure 2 shows the several main features in Microsoft Team desktop interface, here are more detail about some of the features:

  1. The App bar: This navigation bar can access many different main features, for example, the activity which used to display the notifications, the chat which used to chat with other user, the teams include all the teams you are in
  2. The team section: User can select different teams in this section, they can have many different teams and access each one by click that team. And there is some sub-channel that inside the group, which will help user manage the teams
  3. The Channel Conversation: User can post conversations and reply others’ conversations there

Also, if user want to start a meeting, they can find more on the navigation bar in tabs. Then, all group member in this team group will receive a notification and see the meetings on the channel conversation.

In addition, teams allow the synchronize features for user, and user can collaborate on the teams. And they can upload the different kind of file on teams which allow the team member to wort together on it.

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