Discussion Week #1

You will post your 3-4 paragraph response (minimum of 300-350 words per post)to at least 3 of the questions listed below
Please create a new “section” for each question you complete. Label the section with the Question #. Please include some direct reference to the assigned readings, including direct quotes and page numbers. Connection to your personal experience should also be included.


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Discussion Week #1
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Faith is defined as our personal “belief” in God. What do you think of the definitions of faith by St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Anselm in our readings this week? What resonates within you at this point in your life? Why?
Catherine Albanese discusses two kinds of religion: “ordinary” religion and “extraordinary” religion. Define these terms and share your insights about each type.
Catherine Albanese also identifies 4 components of a religious system. Define each of these 4 components. Comment on which of the components is the most meaningful to you.
Paul Tillich states that “theology” (the study of God) must serve the needs of the church. He also identifies that a theological system must satisfy two basic needs. Identify these two needs and share your opinion of their value. Include a comment about his insights on “fundamentalism.”
Apologetics is an intellectual defense of Christian beliefs about God, Christ, the Church, and our common human destiny. In 1 Peter 3:15 we learn “Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for the hope that is in you.” Paul Tillich believes that theology must include an aspect of “apologetics,” which provides answers for our questions of faith. Do you agree? Why or why not? What does Tillich say about the “kerygma,” the core message of the Gospels that must be proclaimed?
Karl Rahner discusses the value of finding the presence of God in our everyday experience of living. Do you agree with him that God is present in the ordinary parts of life? Have you experienced God in such a way in your life? Please share what is meaningful to you.

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