How to win Battle royale in fortnite

Write a 500 – 750 word essay that explains step by step how to do something or how something works. Frame your essay as directions or information in the form of advice that you like to give a friend or classmate on a topic of your choosing – for example, how to survive your first year of college, how to buy a used car, or how to beat Call of Duty.

Your Process Analysis Essay should

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How to win Battle royale in fortnite
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Be on a topic that would be helpful, informative, or novel to understand
Include materials needed and define any uncommon or process specific words
Detail the required steps in a way that is thorough, but not unnecessarily complicated
Explain the reasons for performing certain steps or stages of the process
Provide your readers with a way of determining whether or not the process has been carried out successfully
Include a thesis that answers: What is it you want your readers to know when they are done reading your essay?

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