Management News Article

Formative Assignment: Management News Article

This assignment introduces all students to the business press and:

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Management News Article
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  1. helps students learn about current management issues & techniques;
  2. requires students to analyze an article and summarize the key points in their own words– DO NOT PLAGIARIZE THE WORK OF OTHERS!;
  3. gives students an opportunity to apply the chapter learning outcomes.


Find a current article in the business press (on the web) associated with the chapter you have chosen and prepare a short report in your own words.  Articles must NOT be more than 1 year old. Reports must be your own unique work. Include the link to the original Internet source for the article.

Assignment Guidelines

Please choose 1 (one) of the chapters listed. Find an online business article that relates to that chapter. Summarize the article in a short report and tie in the relevant concepts/theories from the management chapter.

This assignment is set-up for students to write directly into Moodle (no file submission) with a word limit of 600 words. A marking rubric is included for reflection.

·         Organizational Culture &            the Environment 2
·         Managing in the Global              Environment 4
·         Managing Responsibly                and Ethically 6
·         Foundations of Planning 9
·         Strategic Management 10
·         Organizational Design 11
·         Leadership 14
·         Managerial Controls 17


Assignment Due Date

This assignment gives you the ability to pick the chapter you are most interested in. Therefore, since the chapter topics are presented throughout the course, you have until the end of the course to submit your report. The deadline for this assignment is Nov 20, 2020.



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