Service Learning Paper


Cumberland County Department of Social Services in Fayetteville NC

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Service Learning Paper
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Need a local research a local human services agency. You should gather the following: Name of agency, location, telephone number, and the dates you conducted the interview. What services are provided at the agency, what population is served, what is the source of funding/fees, is it Public/Private Not-for-Profit/For-Profit. What is the mission and purpose of your agency? How was your agency started? Describe the formal structure of your agency. (Include an organizational chart). How many workers are employed in your agency? What are the hours of operation? Is there a training program available for the new workers? How are decisions about the structure and function of the agency made? Explain which human service professionals are employed with this agency. What kinds of clients are served by the agency: age range, gender, ethnic background, and needs of the clients? What additional services might the agency provide? How are services to the client terminated? What are the governmental policies that influence the agency operation? Include the theories that explain your participation in service learning. This information should be gathered by research and interview of agency staff.

Prepare a paper 3-5-page paper, double-spaced with a cover page. Your paper must be written in APA format. You will need one (1) inch margins and 12-inch font, utilizing the information you have gathered. Title page, reference page, pictures, charts, nor graphics count towards this 3-page minimum.

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