Social Media Ethics

Having credibility is being fair across the board no matter what race, disability, or age you are. Being credible is being respectful towards everybody. It leadership in a business it is very important to have credibility so that you have a solid foundation. if you do not have credibility everybody surrounding you will feel like they cannot count on you. With social media it is very different to characterize your persona versus being in person. I have social media and I have control of what I post so that others can see versus in person it is very different. My social-media media of preferences Facebook and I have noticed that my Paige gets full of things I search up on YouTube or Google. At first I thought it was very odd because these were things that interest me and know they are advertising them for sale which is pretty ironic. in a sense I felt like the internet was controlling my privacy. I understand that this time it is very practical to have social media but we have to take caution because we don’t know what is safe or not safe to do.


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Social Media Ethics
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Dominick Costagliola

There are many things that show if someone is credible in person. People and myself look for honesty and truthful speaking, I wouldn’t trust or have credibility for the person if they keep lying. Also, how someone’s responsibility levels are if they are taking more responsibility that shows that they are a good credible source. Being a credible source in the business, or personal aspect is so important because that’s what people generally look at when looking for a business partner or even just a store to shop. Some ways you can gain credibility is by taking more responsibility, being more mature, and helping your colleagues whenever they need you. Having online credibility is a key factor in being successful because there is a huge increase of online shopping and communication because of COVID19. Since the outbreak of this pandemic most people don’t like to leave their house because they don’t want to contract the virus. Since most people are staying inside so most people are shopping and reaching customer support online.


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